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Members of the Vassar community gathered at the second Engaged Pluralism World Café November 9th to discuss and generate ideas for the EPI working groups to use to foster inclusion and a sense of belonging on campus. Photos Credit: ©Vassar College/Karl Rabe

The Engaged Pluralism Initiative: Belonging and Thriving Together

The EPI is an evolving community initiative to reimagine what it means to live, work, and learn together. In partnership with the Mellon Foundation, Vassar College has embarked on a dynamic & responsive process to cultivate an environment where all members of our community can belong and thrive. We welcome participation from all members of the community. A big thank you to those who have already been involved!

What is Engaged Pluralism?

We at Vassar are committed to attracting, supporting, and retaining a strong and inclusive campus community. By “engaged pluralism,” we mean viewing all manner of social differences as essential components of a strong community, rather than as challenges to be overcome. This means reconsidering how we listen, learn, and provide proactive support for our community—especially for those members who are most vulnerable or who come from historically underserved groups.

Climate Assessment

In early 2018, all members of the Vassar community—staff, students, faculty, and administrators—will have a chance to participate in a campus climate survey and make their voices heard. Stay tuned! We will announce when the survey is available to fill out.