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Message of Peace: The Story of Shigeko Sasamori, a Hiroshima Maiden


On August 6, 1945, Shigeko Sasamori survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. In 1955, Norman Cousins, American journalist and peace activist, brought a group of 25 victims of the atomic bomb attack to America for reconstructive surgery. These girls were referred to as the Hiroshima Maidens. Shigeko was one of them. She continued her education in America and became a nurse. Her story was featured in Steven Okazaki’s award-winning film White Light Black Rain. Today Shigeko dedicates her life to promoting peace throughout the world and spreading the message of Hiroshima.

Shigeko’s talk will be delivered through the assistance of Professor Kazumi Hatasa, professor of Japanese at Purdue University.

This program is sponsored by the Chinese and Japanese Department and cosponsored by the Office of the Dean of Faculty, Engaged Pluralism Initiative, Asian Studies Program, History Department, and Political Science Department.

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