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Global Studies and Campus

Mission Statement (December 2018)

The Global Campus and Studies Working Group will cohesively steer different efforts on campus to think through and implement what it means for us to be “global.” As global flows of the present reconfigure Vassar’s landscape and its embeddedness in the world, the Global Campus Working Group aims to engage campus and community conversation about how Vassar can best participate in these global flows.

We seek to extend campus conversation about globality beyond the “international,” to center social practices that are not organized along state lines, or confined to their attendant imaginaries and social configurations. In so doing, we aim to move beyond conventional categories of place, history, and person, in favor of a focus on how the pasts and presents that we inhabit are interconnected, and under-explored, while at the same time drawing attention to the ways in which legacies of colonialism and imperialism continue to have a profound influence on the ways we think, teach, and relate to each other.

The Global Campus Working Group consists of faculty, students, and administrators from different disciplines, perspectives, and experiences; we share a commitment to the project of recognizing, facilitating, and creating campus spaces of transformative encounter. The Working Group seeks to foster a sense of belonging and equity on campus, breaking down boundaries between “domestic” and “international” as we recognize all members of the campus community as global persons. We seek, through both curricular and campus programming initiatives, to broaden how we think about the world and interact with it, at and through Vassar.