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Global Studies and Campus

During 2019-2020, the Global Campus working group focused their efforts on multilingualism at Vassar, international institutional collaborations, and innovative, interdisciplinary academic interventions. This included collaborations with the University of Exeter, Tokyo’s Ochanomizu University, and lecture and discussion series  with award-winning filmmakers and authors—making critical connections across histories, places, people, and time.

Mission Statement (February 2020)

The Global Campus and Studies Working Group of the Engaged Pluralism Initiative seeks to foster opportunities for transformative encounters and transcending boundaries which will create a sense of belonging in Vassar’s global community, in which we all play a role. The Working Group seeks to foster a sense of belonging and equity, possibilities that have been traumatically affected by the lingering legacies of imperialism and colonialism. By breaking down boundaries between “domestic” and “international” as we recognize all members of any community as global persons. 

We seek, through both curricular and campus programming initiatives, to broaden how we think about the world and interact with it, at and through Vassar. These intangible outcomes are achieved through our focus on curriculum, interconnectedness, and integrating the local and global.


Our working group promotes a curriculum that is strengthened through the integration of global perspectives and diverse sources and voices. Each person brings their unique life experiences to the campus, which we believe is critical for meaningful interaction and learning both in and out of the classroom. We support a community where every person feels empowered to participate in a curricular global learning experience, of which there are diverse offerings based in mutually beneficial partnerships. 


When considering the term ‘Global’, we invite thought on a word that is often considered to be a synonym: International. We seek to explore the differences between “Global” and “International” in considering our roles on campus and elsewhere, with inclusivity of all identities and their varying intersections at the forefront of our conversations.

Local and Global:

We strive to support a community that builds pathways for experiences with and reflections upon connections between the local and global environments through formal and informal settings including curriculum, programming and conversation.